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A Book entitled “Evaluating Material Removal and Surface Modification Systems”.  This book is 278 pages of text, photo’s, drawings, diagrams, and charts.


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Nova Finishing Systems Inc. manufacturers small, heavy duty, industrial bench top mass finishing equipment for job shops, machine shops, and jewelers. We make, all three technology generations of machine systems that includes barrel, vibratory, and high energy centrifugal disc finishing equipment. Our company is a leading innovator in design, engineering, and in the applications of energy systems for material removal and surface modifications. Our company president is a well published leading technical consultant in the industry and in developing processes for mirror finishing, material handling, and separation systems.    

Our company policy is to provide our customers with the best surface finishing equipment on the market at a reasonable price. We continue to seek product improvements and quality through continuous on-going R & D programs. We provide technical assistance and know how on processes, materials, supplies and/or knowledge to help you help yourself. This also includes custom built equipment and accessory systems.

We guarantee that our equipment will out perform and out last similar type machine systems. You must be satisfied or simply return the equipment after a free 10 day trial. We provide a one year warranty on all parts and equipment, but this does not include labor. Please note the following exceptions: Our motors are not waterproof! Poor processing or non-application methods that cause excessive dust, grease, oils or strong chemicals can causes premature motor failure are not covered by our warranty

General Information:
Nova Finishing Systems Inc. started out making 3 sizes of small industrial vibratory machines in 1988 and acquired the assets of the former R.N.Hutson Co. in 2004 to make centrifugal disc finishers. All our mass finishing equipment can be used for deburring, cleaning, and polishing parts using either wet or dry processing.

The final surface finish of a part is determined by the composition of the media that goes into the machine system. Our equipment will only provide the mechanical energy, movement, or pressure of the media against the parts to produce or create surface modifications. Compared with a buffing wheel operation, a mass finishing machine behaves like the wheel, whereas the media behaves like the rouge that goes on to the wheel. Unlike the wheel, a mass finishing machine does not require hands on attention and produces more uniform parts than does the wheel system. Just like the wheel, the greater the energy and force applied to the parts the faster or shorter the time cycle. For every 100 minutes a standard barrel tumbler operates at 1 g ( gravity/ pressure ) a vibratory system will produce the same results in 10 minutes at 8 g’s and a centrifugal disc equals 1 minute at 24 g’s.

Nova Hutson Centrifugal Finishing Systems

Nova-Hutson Construction Specifications:
               All Nova-Hutson disc finishing systems share a one piece 12 g welded steel machine base with a lift and tilt top plate and bowl. All wearable and abrasive surfaces such as bowls and spinners are constructed out of metal castings with ½ thick polyurethane liner. The DF-10 uses a 3/4 HP motor and DF-12 and14 models use a 1 HP motor. All standard machine systems are controlled by an on-off 0-60 timer switch, and driven by gear and belt pulley system. The standard fixed speed of the spinner disc is 300 to 350 RPM.



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