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2012 Price List


                                                                                      Effective 1/1/2012


DF - 8        Wet Disc                                                                              N.A.*

10” dia. bowl .18 cu.ft.capacity

DF – 10      Wet Disc                                                                         $4625.00

DF – 10 I    Wet Disc                                                                           5100.00

DF – 10 SP Wet or Dry                                                                      11550.00

12” dia. bowl .36 cu.ft.capacity

DF – 12      Wet Disc                                                                           5330.00

DF – 12      Dry Disc *1                                                                       6480.00

14” dia. bowl .45 cu.ft.capacity

DF – 14 S   Wet Disc                                                                           6535.00

DF – 14 I    Wet Disc                                                                           7300.00

DF – 14 Hi-Lift Wet *2                                                                        6888.00   

DF – 14      Dry Disc *1                                                                       7850.00

DF – 14 SP Wet or Dry                                                                      14230.00

18” dia. bowl 1 cu.ft.capacity

DF – 18 Hi-Lift Wet *2                                                                      14175.00

DF – 14 Hi-Lift System *3                                                                 18585.00



D 3 Re-circulating Dispensing System                                               950.00

Variable speed motor and controls                                                   1650.00



*DF-8 is no longer in production. Some spare parts are available. 

All models above are bench top machine systems except last item, see note 3 and have provisions for securing to work surface or D 3 option.

S version machines have steel and urethane composite bowl and spinner construction.

I  version machines are the same as S plus they have carbide coated gap construction giving them greater wear and longer life.

*1 Dry version has a special spinner construction.

*2 Hi-lift version has a special spinner and ring construction for more aggressive performance and less part on part contact.

*3 Same as 4 but with a free standing floor mounting machine stand/cabinet.

 Replacement update

The DF-12 systems are difficult and expensive to replace; therefore, we recommend that you upgrade to either a DF-10 or 14 system because they are easier to repair and replace in the field by the end user. 


 Replacement Parts

Our current price sheet shows the DF-8 Wet Disc model; however, it is no longer made. Most of the parts used in that machine are still available, and listed below. Should anyone require the bowl assembly for that machine or the DF-12, it is recommended that you upgrade your system to either a DF-10 or 14. The DF-10 and DF-14 are easier systems to repair and replace out in the field by the end user.  

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