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D2 Re-Circulating/Dispensing System


 Parts Separation and Cleaning System

“Inseparator” ( Patented)


            A simple to use parts separator for all Nova small vibratory mills. This is a manual, but semi-automatic basket type system that is used to remove finished parts from media. There is no need for secondary devices which involve dumping the entire contents of the machine into other separation systems. This is a stand alone system that avoids heavy lifting and/or lurching of the work load.

            The “Inseparator” consists of two piece construction. 1. A welded stainless steel frame to hold a: 2. Pressed in perforated or wire mesh stainless steel screen. Standard perforated screen hole patterns are 3/8”,1/2”, 5/8”, 3/4”, 7/8”, 1”. Screens come in a set of 6 or individually as specified. Wire mesh screens are all special order.

            To use , just insert the “Inseparator”, into the work chamber bowl and the device will submerge itself when the machine is run. Within 1 minute or less all parts will be collected on top of the screen and frame. If there are a lot of parts, or flat parts, a number of cycles may be required. Parts must be larger than the screen hole size and the media must fill the machine. When removing the basket, it is suggested that the frame be held against the center post or work chamber bowl to remove excess media.

            By filling the Nova work chamber bowl with water and detergent , the “Inseparator” can be left in our bowl and used as a wash and rinse basket for cleaning parts. In this capacity, our equipment can be used to soak, soak and agitate, or used as a spray rinse system.  In this mode, the “Inseparator” will continue to slowly rotate within the work chamber if unattended. Illustrations show movement of the work load in the media and movement of the parts as a parts washer. 

NOTE: The inseparator is only compatiblie with Nova equipment; however, conversion kits are availablefor other fixedbowl type system ofsimilar size made by others.


Magnetic  System

            For companies who run mostly carbob steel based materials, we recommend and offer a triggerrelease magnet as an alternate to the “Inseparator” system.


                                  The D 2 and D 3
            Liquid Dispensing/Re-circulating Tank 
                      And Work Platform Systems


            Nova Finishing Systems Inc. now offers 2 different types of closed loop tank or work platform systems for all Nova vibratory and most Nova-Hutson machine systems. These systems are primarily used as a work cell area and/or is a supplement  where work space is limited or access to water is difficult, but they can also be used for other stand alone applications for dispensing liquids.  When empty of water, they can be easily moved about and relocated where needed. Because all Nova vibratory and most Nova-Hutson machine systems can be run either wet or dry, they can be used to support and/or raise equipment off the floor to improve working height for dry applications. Lastly, these systems help maintain control of debris from wet deburring operations allowing easier recovery of precious metals.

            For most vibratory machine applications, the standard D2 re-circulating/ dispensing system is sufficient for all Nova vibratory machine products. This is a 34 gallon square polypropylene tank that serves as a work platform and a closed loop liquid reservoir. All Nova series of vibratory mills sit inside the recessed top area of the flanged tank on a clear 3/8” polycarbonate platform that allows you to see and monitor the liquid inside . Tank size is 18” x 18” x 24” high. With equipment in place, the total height is either 45”, 46.5” or 48”.

            The D3 re-circulating and dispensing tank system is larger than the D2 and is the standard work platform for all Nova-Hutson centrifugal disc finishing machines up to the DF-14 size. This is a 90 gallon rectangular tank with a 3/8” polycarbonate platform supported by 2 structural aluminum angles. Tank size is 24” x 36” x 20” high. The work platform does not extend completely over the inner flanges of the tank. This gap allows for plumbing and cleaning of the tank without removing the equipment. It is recommended to maintain at least 50 gals. in the tank for stability. This work platform can accommodate and support 300 to 500 pounds. The standard platform does not have any holes, fasteners, or fittings; therefore, it is recommended that the end user drill and fix the disc finisher to the work platform once he determines which way he wants dump the work chamber media and parts. Tank fittings can be installed and a weir baffle can also be mounted to the underside of the work platform to retard sediment movement within the reservoir tank.  

With disc finishing equipment in place, the total maximum height is approximately 39” for disc finishers. NOTE: This system can also be used to accommodate 2 Nova vibratory dump machine systems and 2 small 3.5 gallon buckets with equipment in place, the total height is 44” for vibratory equipment


All D2 and D3 tank platform systems come with a special submersible floating pump and plumbing to complete a closed loop re-circulating system. The pump has a separate power supply but can be wired into and regulated by the machine’s timer. This Nova pump system has a flotation device to keep the pump off the bottom of the tank and away from where heavier sediments accumulate. The chemically resistant pump maintains a steady flow of 1 to 2 gallons per hour of compound solution that can be regulated to the work chamber. The more liquid that passes through the work chamber the cleaner the parts provided the liquid is clean. NOTE: All wet processing requires that the pump be turned on before starting the disc finishing equipment.

            As part of the wet operation of Nova and Nova-Hutson equipment, there is a return drain hose that empties into the tank reservoir. That means that sediments will accumulate in the tank and that will have effect the chemical compound solution. Chemicals and solution should be monitored weekly. Cleaning and/or replacement  of chemicals should be done after a week end or overnight ; however, after 100 hours of operation or over a 2 to 4 week period, the tank should be cleaned and liquids replenished. 


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