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Nova Finishing Systems Inc. announces the introduction of the Supernova 2000. It is the first in a new series of larger vibratory deburring machine systems. The picture below shows the first prototype without its clear cover lid and media in order to show you a built in ramp and dump chute. This 2 cu.ft. machine system is a bench top unit similar to the Nova series in construction. The machine’s metal stand base is 24” square and has a reinforced stainless steel top plate with 12 of our standard springs, self leveling feet, and our  standard 0-60 minute timer. This unit stands 26” high and has a bowl with a 24”OD x 12” high an 8” channel width. All machines come with a clear plastic cover lid with provisions for a vacuum hose connection. It will hold 200 #’s of ceramic media, 150#’s of plastic media or 16 gallons. The Supernova 2000 has a standard 1 HP motor. The bowl has a built in ramp and a discharge chute that is secured with 4 heavy duty fasteners, two of which also serve as a ½” drain systems. The height of the dump chute is 13”. Shipping weight is 112 pounds. Not shown is the dry version with a hot air blower. For costs and availability information, call Nova Finishing Systems Inc. 1-800-942-4474

 Below are pictures of the first prototype:



Nova Finishing develops deburring and finishing processes. Send us your samples, we will evaluate them and develop a process specific to your surface finishing requirements. Call 800-444-4159 or email us at: for more information. 
The following are a series of new photographs of some changes and/or variations of Nova and Nova-Hutson Products   click here for more information and pictures


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